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Our Boat

Live Aboard on M/y Sakura

The name Sakura is derived from the Japanese language, which means ``Cherry blossom`` and is a common name given to females.

Home of M/Y Sakura Liveaboard
And fittingly so, M/y Sakura is quite a small boat compared to other boats but she fervently blossoms above all and against all odds. To prioritize comfort and convenience for our highly esteemed guests M\y Sakura is equipped with two 4 berth dorms as well as a small single and a double berth cabin and she can have up to 11 guests per trip (excluding the crew). Sakura boasts top quality ensuites facilities which suits the needs of the divers and guarantees you the very finest diving and boat cruise the Philippines has to offer. It is a well-known fact that liveaboard diving in the Tubbataha Reef National Park tops the wish list of many divers and holiday lovers across the world because of its designation as a World’s Heritage site and it’s unquestionable reputation of being one of the best diving sites in the world and We at Sakura take full pride in this fact so we strive to uphold and live up to such an immense reputation by delivering only memorable liveaboard trips to our guests and divers.Sakura crew members are experienced divers who can handle the currents and they fully appreciate the diversity of the marine life and they are ready to make this the best diving experience possible for you as our guest. The berth cabins have many conveniences such as: individual storage for gear, tables for charging and preparing camera and video equipments. The safety of our divers and guests is top of our priorities onboard sakura,thus we strictly ensure that all our crew members are fully competent ,medically fit, have adequate familiarization with the boat and the equipments on hand as we have 20 live vests and a life boat on board as per the safe manning certificate in line with section 30 of the MSA 1988.We also make sure that our crew members are capable and able to communicating directly with each other in a common language under normal and emergency conditions with Raymarine VHF,Icom SSB,2 x Kenwood handsets.

M/Y Sakura BoatLiveaboard Diving Tour

Being a small boat means M/y Sakura is an easy going boat in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness as well as consistency. With a diesel capacity of 1200 Litres, on full tank the boat can go a full trip of 6 days and come back with still at least 45% of the fuel remaining, making it one of only a few boats with the best fuel consumption on the island. The boat has two 4 berth rooms as well as a small single and double berth cabin. The boat also holds a capacity of 2200 Litres of Fresh water onboard to help our guests ease the somewhat bearable heat of the Philippine summer. Onboard the Sakura,guests are sure to get the best possible diving gear in whole of Tubbataha reef, easy to operate and light in weight making your journey to the bottom of the reef as smooth as it can be.

In a nutshell, M/y Sakura is here to provide you with optimal marine life sightings during your live Aboard with us by getting you up close and personal while discovering the underwater secretes of the Tubbataha Reef, However as is the custom in Tubbatha,when you are onboard Sakura,your conservational adventure does not necessarily need to end under water, the boat also caters for tours in other parts of the Tubbataha National Park such as the Bird Sanctuary so all you have to do is say it and we do it because the only boundaries with M/y Sakura is outside The Tubbatah Reef.


So Come!!..LiveAboard Asia onboard M/Y Sakura!!!